Volunteer FAQ

Is there a minimum number of hours to work per day or week?
No. The length of time that a volunteer stays depends on what type of work they are doing. Some volunteers come in once or twice a week, while others may come in every month or so.

What hours can I volunteer?
Most volunteer work is done between the hours of 8am - 2pm, as we get very busy after 2pm with feeding the animals. But there are exceptions depending on the type of work, and some volunteers stay as late as 4pm or so. (The staff members go home around 4pm, so that is usually the end of the workday.)

Can I volunteer on weekends?
Saturdays are good for volunteering, but we usually have only a small crew of experienced volunteers on Sunday, as that is the only day of the week where Florence and the animals get a little rest and quiet.

Is there a minimum age for volunteering?
No, but we ask that a parent or adult guardian accompany and supervise any volunteers who are age 14 or under.

What should I wear?
We recommend wearing old clothes, and closed-toe shoes (not sandals).

Anything else I should know?
We suggest leaving valuables at home, or possibly in your locked car (although we cannot be responsible in the unlikely event that a car is broken into). We usually have drinking water available, but there are no vending machines or nearby restaurants, so we recommend bringing lunch or a snack. There are tables and chairs for eating lunch or a snack, but we recommend leaving food in your car until you are ready to eat, so the animals don't get into it.

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