In Memory Of


April, 2011

Zoom Zoom used to live near Hontoon Island as a neighborhood cat. He was very well-known and popular, and the neighbors always made sure he had food. But they were concerned that he would get hit by a car, since he often crossed a busy highway and didn't seem to understand the danger, so they arranged for him to come to Journey's End. He got his name from the way the cars would zoom close by him on the highway. He told more of his story in our December, 2006 newsletter.

Zoom Zoom was very friendly and often greeted visitors in front of the main house or in the parking lot. He had 6 toes on each of his front paws.

Zoom Zoom lived to be very old. He got pretty thin, but he was in good health until the end. One day he was found ailing outside. He was brought inside but soon passed away. The vet said it was probably due to heart failure.