In Memory Of


March, 2011

Zena was a black lab who came to Journey's End at age 12. She had been adopted by a man when she was only 8 weeks old and had lived with him her whole life. He hit some hard times financially and was homeless, living in his truck with his son and Zena. He finally found a shelter to move into with his son, but the shelter wouldn't accept Zena, so he arranged for her to come to Journey's End. He was heartbroken at having to part with her, but he knew she had a good home here.

Zena seemed to adjust well and soon made friends with her roommates Sheba, Lola, and Sara. She was easygoing and was friendly if approached, but she wasn't very extroverted and would wait for people to come to her.

One night Zena was reluctant to come inside, and had to be coaxed in. The next day, she was found unresponsive and soon passed away. She was quite old, and the vet guessed it was probably due to heart, liver, or kidney failure.

Zena stays close by while Jennifer plays with Sheba