Zachary, Barney, and Cheyenne were rescued from an abusive situation in a remote rural area of a nearby southern state. Their owner had 2 unaltered dogs who had previously had 3 litters of puppies. Each time, as soon as the puppies were weaned, he would take them out in the yard and shoot them. Barney, Cheyenne, Zachary, and another puppy made up the fourth litter and were probably headed for a similar fate.

A neighbor was able to befriend the man, and he allowed her to take the parent dogs and the 4 puppies, who were in poor condition, to a vet. The vet said it was clearly a case of animal cruelty and that the owner would not get the dogs back. The parent dogs were adopted to new homes, and the most adoptable puppy was sent to a rescue group.

The remaining puppies, Barney, Cheyenne, and Zachary, had hip dysplasia, common in dogs with their German Shepherd and Chow background. The rescue group said that such dogs would be put down if they were adopted out and returned, so the neighbor instead found a home for them at Journey's End. All 3 promptly had hip surgery. They all did well, and were up and about within a day, running in and out of the dog door.

Unfortunately, the man has several other animals, including a dog who is kept tied in the yard. The neighbor can see maggots are eating at the dog, but she is in fear for her life and has promised not to set foot on the property. (He previously shot one of her dogs, and his dogs have killed her birds.) She filed a complaint thru the court system, but the judge ruled that the man could keep the remaining animals.

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