In Memory Of


May, 2014

Willy was found along a road in a rural area when he was a puppy. He was so malnourished that he couldn't stand up, and he had to be held up so he could eat. He quickly began to recover, and soon most of the other dogs at Journey's End had bite marks on their rear ends where he bit them (as did some of the volunteers). According to the vet, he had the canine version of attention deficit disorder, which caused him to be skittish and run around in circles.

Scooter was his mentor and best friend, and Willy used to panic if he ever got separated from Scooter. He clearly was depressed for awhile after Scooter passed away.

Willy was always shy, and he lived in one of the back rooms. His scruffy appearance reminded Florence of singer Willie Nelson, who she has always liked, so she named him in his honor.