Wilbur was left tied in a yard when his owners moved away. Kind neighbors began feeding him and eventually arranged for him to come to Journey's End.

Wilbur was in poor health when rescued. He had heartworms, was almost hairless from skin infections, had really bad teeth, had a lump under his neck, and he hadn't yet been neutered. He had to spend a few days at an animal hospital before he could come to Journey's End. His previous owners had told neighbors he was 15, but the vets didn't think he was quite that old. He is probably a shepherd/lab/rottweiler mix.

Wilbur recovered very quickly from his medical problems, and he seemed to have no trouble adapting to his new home. At first he scarfed his food, but now he leaves a little left.

Wilbur is very good-natured with people and with the other dogs, and he loves running around in the yard. He doesn't seem to like horses, and he barks like crazy if he sees Misty in the horse pasture. He tried to go after our rooster Curley when he first arrived, and he seemed to be a little aggressive towards cats, so he lives in an all-dogs area of the house.

Wilbur with volunteer Amy

Wilbur and Rascal with Amy

Wilbur being fed by rescuers before coming to Journey's End

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