In Memory Of


January, 2017

Whoopi, the 3-legged cat, playing with a ball

Whoopi was found as a stray kitten in a lady's yard in DeBary. We assume she had been abandoned, since she very tame and clearly wasn't feral. She had severe nerve damage to her left front leg. The leg was limp, and she seemed to have no feeling in it, sometimes even resting it in her water bowl without being aware of it. The vets said that for her own sake, the leg would need to be amputated when she got to be old enough, since there was no chance of recovery. Otherwise the tissue could die due to poor circulation, and she could get infections or other problems.

At first we kept Whoopi in a cage for her own safety, although we took her out often to be held and to let her play and run around. Soon we took in another kitten, Punkin, who shared the cage with her.

After Whoopi was with us a few months, her leg was amputated. The vet who did the surgery said that she could tell the nerve damage was due to an injury, not a birth defect. Whoopi recovered quickly and had no trouble getting around...she could run fast and could jump on tables and countertops without any problem. She was very sweet, friendly, and playful, but not quite as rowdy as Punkin.

There's more on Whoopi's story in our January, 2016 newsletter.

Whoopi standing on her hind legs, looking out the window

Whoopi wore a small dog sweater after her surgery so she wouldn't try to pull out her stitches

Whoopi on the back patio

Whoopi on the back patio, before her surgery

Tiny Whoopi on the back patio, with our big cat Chance

Tiny Whoopi on the back patio, with big Chance

Whoopi and Punkin in their bed

Whoopi and her playmate Punkin