Weezer turned up in the Journey's End parking lot one day. A neighbor said he had seen him running around the neighborhood for several days. We took him in and temporarily put him in a room by himself until we could have him checked by a vet, but he got out, jumped the fence, and ran off. Several people saw him around the area, and about a week later he was found several miles away near the old DeLand Naval Air Station.

Weezer had some non-contagious mange when he was found, but was otherwise in good health. He was estimated to be around 1 year old, and hadn't yet been neutered. We aren't sure what breed he is, but we think he's probably a rat terrier mix.

Weezer is a very high-energy dog. He is constantly in motion and often gets the other dogs to play. He seems to be a leader of the pack. He is friendly but wants to do whatever he wants whenever he wants, so volunteer Tara worked with him on obedience training, and he is much better behaved.

Weezer tells his story in our June, 2014 newsletter.

Weezer and Elvis stretch a toy to its breaking point

Weezer and Buddy

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