In Memory Of


December, 2013

Tyson used to live in a feral cat colony in nearby DeLand. Eventually most of the cats in the colony were trapped, and he found a home here.

Tyson got his name from the former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, because he was always fighting with the other cats in the colony. After he came to Journey's End, he was neutered, and he stopped fighting and got along well with both cats and dogs.

He was also very friendly with people, and he was almost certainly raised in someone's home before becoming part of the feral colony. He usually could be found lounging peacefully on the front patio or in the yard, and he loved to approach visitors for attention.

Tyson had an odd way of holding his head at an angle when he walked. The vet was not sure what might have caused this, but he said it could have been due to neurological damage from ingesting some sort of toxin, maybe even from eating a poisonous lizard or frog.

Tyson eventually became very thin. He was still okay for several years, but then his kidneys started to fail and his blood test values were very bad, so he had to be put down.

Tyson with his odd way of holding his head as he walks

Tyson (left) and Mama