In Memory Of


April, 2014

Tuptim was found on Main Street in nearby DeLand, and no one claimed her after repeated advertisements. She had a big sore on her chin that wouldn't heal, and it looked so bad Florence thought she might have cancer. The vet found that she previously had suffered a broken jaw, and the wires that had been put in to help the bones heal had not been removed when they should have been. She must have been in a lot of pain. The vet removed the wires and she was finally able to heal.

Perhaps because of her experiences, Tuptim could be a bit cranky. She liked to be talked to, but petting could be risky. She had long, thick fur that was prone to matting, so we had to have her shaved several times a year. She didn't usually like to be groomed and would sometimes hiss, spit, and swat if anyone attempted to groom her. (Once in awhile she'd tolerate a little grooming, and she'd even purr quietly.)

Tuptim lived to be quite old. She lost most of her teeth, but she was otherwise in good health. One morning she was found passed away; she had apparently died in her sleep.

Tuptim was named after one of the characters in the musical "The King and I".