Troubles in the front yard

Troubles came to Journey's End after his family's mobile home was destroyed in one of the 2006 Central Florida tornados. He started out living in the PeeWee room, but he was so sociable that he moved into the front room, to have more chances to meet visitors. He is probably part dachschund, part Yorkshire terrier, so we sometimes affectionately refer to him as a "dorkie".

When Troubles was a fairly young dog, he had premature cataracts in his eyes, and he had surgery shortly after arriving. The surgery went well, and when he first came home he sat on the floor just looking all around. After he recovered, he ran around and played more than ever.

Unfortunately he has lost the vision in his left eye due to macular degeneration. His right eye is also affected and is being treated to try to slow the progression as much as possible.

Now Troubles is middle-aged and has slowed down a bit, but he is still friendly and active. He loves to ride in the wheelbarrow as supplies are brought up the driveway. He is friendly and easy-going, and often goes with us to public events.

Troubles being held by Florence

Troubles being held by Florence

Troubles in the front room

Troubles on the red dog bed

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