Tripod sitting on a table by the window

Tripod and his brother Buddy and their 2 sisters were originally adopted as young cats from a rescue in South Florida. The people who adopted them moved away, and left all 4 cats outside to fend for themselves. A lady took them in, but she developed health problems and couldn't care for them all. She kept one of the sisters, and her daughter adopted the other. Friends of the family drove Tripod and Buddy here from South Florida.

Tripod and Buddy were 3 years old when they arrived. They are both in good health, although Tripod is missing his right front leg. The vet could tell from the X-rays that it had been surgically removed, but we don't know why.

Tripod and Buddy are both very friendly and outgoing with people, but Tripod gets very agitated if the other cats crowd around him, and he will attack them if they do. (He may feel threatened due to his missing leg.) He likes to be by himself on a cat tower or on top of a table, but he always welcomes petting and attention.

Tripod lying by the window

Tripod stayed in this perch by the window for several weeks after arriving, until he felt safe around the other cats

Tripod on the jungle gym on the back patio

Tripod on the back patio of the Cat House

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