In Memory Of


April, 2010

Toto was a Yorkshire terrier who was found late at night wandering in one of the Journey's End horse pastures, dragging a leash and barking like crazy. Florence heard the barking and thought one of the dogs had gotten out, but instead she found little Toto. We assume she was abandoned, although it's possible she ran away from home. She was very old, and was blind and mostly deaf.

At first, Toto was not socialized at all. She didn't want to be held and was very jittery. (She might have been used for breeding.) Jennifer and some of the volunteers helped her to come out of her shell. She became much calmer, and she would wag her tail and allow us to pet her. She lived in the Pee Wee room and was one of the mellowest of the small dogs.

Toto lived a couple of good years with us. She finally had to be put down after she started having seizures.

Florence holding Toto