Toby in the front room

Toby was found as a stray on a street in the DeLand area. The lady who found him kept him for awhile, but she had to have surgery and got a bad infection, and could no longer take care of him.

Toby was estimated to be at least 12 years old when he was found. The vet said he was blind in his right eye due to a traumatic injury, and the eye has since been removed. His left eye had cataracts, and the vet was hoping to operate to remove the cataracts, but then he found that the retina had become detached, so Toby is now blind in both eyes. He also has skin problems on his lower back.

Toby is very sweet and gentle and well-behaved. He gets along well with people and with the other dogs. He lives in the front room, and enjoys sleeping a lot.

Toby in the front yard

Toby in his bed

Toby and Joey

Joey tries to coax Toby into playing

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