In Memory Of


September, 2015

Toby and his mom Tabitha were rescued by two witnesses who watched in horror as Tabitha and her two puppies were thrown out the window of a moving vehicle. One of the puppies didn't survive. Tabitha and Toby were brought to Journey's End, where they were treated for starvation and dehydration.

Toby grew up to be a big, healthy, handsome dog. He was much quieter than Tabitha and was a little shy, but he enjoyed attention and liked to be petted, especially from people he knew.

He and Tabitha lived happily for many years with the other large dogs in the big hallway, until eventually Tabitha passed away. Toby always seemed depressed after Tabitha died. We hoped he would bond with one of the other female dogs we took in, but he pretty much kept to himself.

Eventually Toby went into a slow decline due to declining kidney function, and had to be put down when he went into kidney failure.

Tabitha and Toby