In Memory Of


June, 2017

Tiger on the cat tower

Tiger used to be an outdoor cat in Kuwait. A lady who has rescued many animals was feeding her and around 200 other strays every day, and one day she saw Tiger get hit by a car. The driver didn't stop.

Tiger was seriously injured and almost didn't survive. She had a collapsed lung, a torn diaphragm, and a broken tail that had to be amputated. She also lost 3 kittens that she was pregnant with, although a 4th kitten survived. (He was named James and was fostered by a mama cat who had lost her kittens, and they both were adopted by their foster human.) A vet later discovered she also had a broken jaw that had already healed, apparently from a previous injury. Tiger recovered very well from all her injuries, although she had nerve damage. For awhile she needed to be expressed 3 times a day so she could urinate properly, and she had trouble controlling her bowels.

Animals are generally not treated well in Kuwait, and there was almost no chance that a stray like Tiger would ever find a home there, especially being unable to use a litter box. While Journey's End usually tries to take in animals from our local area, Tiger's story was so moving that we couldn't say No. She made the 20-hour flight accompanied by a kind flight attendant who has rescued many other cats from Kuwait. Tiger arrived alert and healthy at the Orlando airport, and immediately started purring when petted.

Tiger was very sweet, friendly, and affectionate despite all she had been thru. She was not at all timid, and loved to explore. We treated her with the cold laser machine, and she regained control of her bladder and no longer needed to be expressed. At first she was very stressed by the other cats and would attack them if they got near, but she soon became totally at ease with them.

Tiger looking content while being petted

Tiger looking at the pig's corral

Tiger looks into Attitude's pen...she had probably never seen a pig before