In Memory Of


January, 2015

Tiger was a big domestic medium hair cat who came to Journey's End as a kitten. Florence and her husband used to feed cats who lived near dumpsters at various locations in DeLand. At one point, they were visiting 7 dumpsters every day to feed the cats. When possible, they would catch the cats and bring them home to live in the Cat House.

We don't know if Tiger was born in the wild, or if he was abandoned near the dumpster as a kitten. He lived to be well over 10 years old.

Tiger was one of the friendliest cats in the Cat House. He meowed for attention, and tried to get in on any petting. He would follow people around the Cat House, and he never got tired of being groomed. He loved lap time, and was difficult to remove from your lap once he settled in. He got along well with the other cats, although sometimes they got upset when he tried to push his way in when they were being petted.

Tiger eventually had declining kidney function, and he spent almost a week in an animal hospital. The vet thought it would be okay to bring him home, but he passed away 2 hours later.

Tiger shortly after he arrived