In Memory Of


May, 2013

Thunder was a Yorkshire terrier who was found sitting in a road in a thunderstorm. Some people took him in, and brought him to us the next day.

Thunder was in poor condition when he arrived. He was full of fleas and immediately got a bath and some flea medicine. At first we thought he was blind. It turned out he had eye infections and also dry eye, but at least he still had most of his vision. He had heartworms, and had not yet been neutered, so we had him neutered as soon as he finished his heartworm treatment. He was also very old, and was put on a special diet.

Thunder soon had to have surgery on his eyes. It turned out that some of his vision problems were caused by ingrown eyelashes.

At first we nicknamed him Snapper, because he bit almost everyone who handled him. But he soon relaxed and seemed to feel at home, and he stopped biting. He liked to run and play in the yard with the other small dogs, although because of his age, he spent a good part of his day sleeping.

Thunder lived for awhile in the PeeWee room. He eventually went to a foster home with volunteer Joan, who gave him a lot of individual attention and care.

Lou Ann holds Thunder when he first arrived, while Petey and Penny look on