Theon on the bench on the Cat House front porch

Theon is a small cat who came to us at around 9 - 12 months old. He is FIV-positive. He has a crooked tail, we assume from an injury.

A lady was on her evening walk in Orlando when she saw Theon as a stray. He was very thin, and was hungry for food and for affection. He purred and weaved around her legs, and tried to follow her home. She saw him again a few days later, and gave him some water. After seeing him get bullied and attacked by a mockingbird, she let him into her home.

The lady was unable to keep him, so after he was neutered and vaccinated, he found a home at Journey's End. He is named after a character in Game of Thrones.

Theon is very easy-going and friendly. He gets along well with people and with the other cats, and he often lounges on the porch of the Cat House.

Theon on a cat tower on the Cat House front porch

Theon sharpening his claws

Theon the cat in the Cat House

Theon on the porch getting petted

Theon on the porch of the Cat House

Dale holding Theon

Dale holding Theon

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