Taz is a rat terrier, around 8 years old when he arrived. He used to belong to a lady in DeLand who had to move into a nursing home.

Taz got his name because he looks and sometimes acts like a Tasmanian devil. He is very energetic and is constantly in motion. But unlike his namesake, he is very friendly and good-natured. He loves to greet people, and he enjoys being petted. When he wags his tail, his whole rear end wags, as if he can't contain his excitement.

When Taz arrived, he was obese, and his fur and skin were rough due to flea allergies. He has gotten down to a healthy weight, and his allergies are under control. He lived for awhile in the PeeWee room with the other small dogs, but now is in a permanent foster home with Pumpkin and a few other animals.

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