In Memory Of


January, 2014

Tabitha was rescued by two witnesses who watched in horror as she and her two puppies were thrown out the window of a moving vehicle. One of the puppies didn't survive. Tabitha and her other puppy, Toby, were brought to Journey's End, where they were treated for starvation and dehydration.

Tabitha and Toby were always very close, and could usually be found sitting or sleeping side by side. They lived in the hallway with the other big dogs.

Tabitha was quite large (and a bit pudgy), and she didn't let Buddy or the other large dogs push her around. She had a loud bark and could be a little rowdy in her younger days, especially when she saw other dogs outdoors. She was very friendly and gentle with people.

In the last year or two of her life, Tabitha had dementia. It eventually became severe, and she spent most of her time lying down, apparently in her own world. Toby seemed to be depressed and also became somewhat withdrawn. She eventually had to be put down when the dementia got too far along.