Star lying on a cat tower on the front porch of the Cat House

A neighbor of Journey's End saw Star and her son Simon get thrown out of a car. (We don't know if the car was moving at the time.) She tried to get the car's license number but it drove off and she was unable to. Luckily they were not injured. Simon was just a kitten at the time.

Star and Simon ran into the woods across the street from Journey's End. The neighbor brought them food and water for a couple of days. Then our staff member Erma saw them and was able to pick them up and bring them inside. Simon grew up to look a lot like his mother, although Star is easy to spot because she has one white paw. They both live in the Cat House.

Star is more shy than Simon. She usually enjoys a little petting and grooming, but she can be moody and will swat or run off when she's had enough.

Star lying in a cat bed

Star lying on the back patio

Star on the back patio of the Cat House

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