Snow in her doggy wheelchair

Snow is a rat terrier who used to live in the Fort Myers area. She was left paralyzed after being hit by a car, and her owners took her to be put down. The vet wouldn't do it and instead arranged for her to be taken in by a rescue. The people at the rescue contacted Journey's End, and after Florence agreed to take her in, they drove 4 hours to bring her here, along with 2 cats, Angelina and Moses.

Snow had already been measured for a doggie wheelchair, which was generously donated by Doggon' Wheels. The wheelchair was waiting for her when she arrived at Journey's End, and she took to it immediately. Within 5 minutes, she was running around the yard as if she had been using it all her life. It was her first mobility since being hit by the car.

Skippy, our other dog in wheels, seemed very jealous at first since he likes being the center of attention, but they soon became friends.

Snow is very sweet and friendly. She lives in the front room. She is gentle, quiet, and well-behaved, and gets along well with the other dogs.

Snow in her wheelchair indoors

Snow in her bed

Snow takes a break without her wheels

Snow on her first day at Journey's End

Snow on her first day at Journey's End, just after being put into her wheels for the first time

Snow and Skippy

Snow meets Skippy on her first day at Journey's End

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