In Memory Of


November, 2008

Smooch came to us as a young cat, about a year old. He was hit by a car after his family decided they no longer wanted him and shut him out of the house. He had multiple concussions, broken jawbones (including the roof of his mouth being split in half), and one eye that was knocked out of its socket and had to be removed.

Despite his injuries, Smooch was very sweet and affectionate. He loved to have his belly rubbed, and purred and kneaded with his paws when he was petted. The vet said he was very appreciative of everything that was done to help him, even though he must have been in a lot of pain at some points.

After his feeding tube was removed, he was able to come to his new home at Journey's End. The wires in his jaw had been removed, but he still wouldn't eat on his own (he may have lost his sense of smell due to his injuries), so he was fed soft cat food with a syringe.

He seemed to have no brain damage from the concussions, and he even got to feeling feisty enough to get into a few minor tiffs with the other cats.

One day Smooch stopped eating, and after 5 days at the veterinary hospital, he was going downhill, so he was put down to avoid any further suffering.

by Jennifer

Cats should always live inside...
Look at me, I almost died.
I saw the car, but didnít know
Across the street I shouldnít go.

Then came the tire — it was big and round;
Two seconds later, I was on the ground.
Next thing I knew, I was at the vet,
And the day wasnít even over yet.

A thousand dollars later and one lost eye,
Iím a real happy cat now, and thatís no lie!
A broken jaw and no sense of smell,
But when I get hungry, I just let out a yell.

One thing I can say of all that Iíve done,
Hit-and-runs are never fun.
But now that the Docs have fixed me up,
Iím ready to kick some human butt!

(from the June, 2008 newsletter)