In Memory Of


August, 2016

Smoky lying on a cat bed

Smoky turned up as a stray in Orange City. A lady began feeding him, and soon she was able to coax him into a pet carrier. His paws were badly infected. The vet thought he may have been bitten by a snake, although there were a lot of bite wounds. He was also FIV-positive, hadn't yet been neutered, and his fur was a mess. The vet thought he was fairly young at the time.

Journey's End volunteer Tina was a neighbor of the lady who rescued him, and she brought him here. Tina adored Smoky, but she had dogs who do not get along with cats, so she was unable to keep him.

Smoky was very friendly and liked meeting people, but he had a bit of an attitude, and he would decide when he had enough attention. He liked to be brushed and groomed on his upper back, but a couple of volunteers had their hands shredded when they tried grooming his tail or hindquarters. We sometimes had to shave his thick fur in the warm weather so he was comfortable. He loved lounging on a little hammock on the back patio, or hanging out by the kitchen sink so he could sip water from the faucet.

Smoky eventually started losing weight and didn't seem to be himself. The vet found he had lung cancer, and he sadly had to be put down since there was nothing they could do to help him.

Smoky sitting on the front porch

Smoky on the front porch

Smoky after his

Smoky after a "lion cut" to keep him cool for the summer

Smoky lying in the hammock on the back patio

Smoky on the back patio of the Cat House

Smoky with infected paws, shortly after he arrived

Smoky shortly after he arrived, after being treated for his infected paws

Tina holds Smoky in her lap

Smoky and Tina