In Memory Of


October, 2012

Smoky was a gorgeous gal with wisps of white fur on her muzzle, which is probably where she got her name. She was around 15 when she came to us, and lived for several more good years.

Smoky was bottle-fed as a puppy, and grew up as a working farm dog in Georgia. One day she was accidentally shot by a hunter. Her owners heard her yelping in pain and found her hiding under a hedge. They immediately rushed her to a vet, but her left front leg had to be amputated.

When her family moved to Florida, they were unable to keep her. For several weeks they had to hide her in a closet during the day because they couldn't find any rescue group or no-kill shelter that would accept such a large dog. They finally found a permanent home for her here.

Smoky got around pretty well on her three legs. She was a gentle dog and was extremely shy. She used to get very tense if anyone approached her, although she eventually relaxed a bit. (A massage therapist worked with her for awhile, and that seemed to help.) She even seemed to enjoy a little petting, but she still kept to herself and would not seek attention. She enjoyed being outdoors, often lying under the big oak trees.

Smoky eventually started to pass away from complications of old age, and was put down at the vet's office, with Florence and volunteer Jan by her side.

Smoky and a mother hen with her chicks