Skippy is a very friendly small dog, probably part Italian greyhound. He has bone cysts that caused his spine and legs to be deformed, but this type of cyst should not grow anymore now that he has reached maturity.

Skippy was born on Halloween in 2007. He originally belonged to a pastor, who gave him up to a no-kill shelter. He then lived at a grooming salon in a cage for 2 months before coming to Journey's End, at around 9 months old.

At first we thought he was paralyzed, but the specialists who treated his bone cysts said that his muscles had atrophied from being in a cage in his past life. He now has wheels to get around with. We were hoping he would develop enough strength in his hind legs to be able to walk on his own, but so far that hasn't happened.

He doesn't let his disability slow him down. He happily runs wherever he wants to go, and will run over anything in his path. He loves chasing balls down the driveway, but he usually won't give them back.

Skippy is a real mama's boy. He loves to ride in the car with Florence, and will head towards the door when he sees her put on her street shoes. If she leaves the room, he'll stand at the door waiting for her to return, and if she has to go somewhere without him, he'll wait for her at the end of the driveway.

by Jennifer

Yippy! Skippy is my name!
Bouncing and barking is my game.
I'm still a pup and love to chew —
You'll think it's cute 'til I chew on you.

I lived in a cage and was never let out,
So I didn't know what fun was about.
At Journey's End now, I'm so happy
But everyone thinks I'm a little yappy.

I bounced around and my leg got broke
(And let me tell you, that's no joke!).
Now I know it can only get better!
Check out my story in the next newsletter!

(from the October, 2008 newsletter)

Skippy walking with help from his wheels

Florence tosses Skippy's favorite toy (the purple elephant in the top right corner)...

... and Skippy retrieves the elephant, hoping for a treat and another elephant toss

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