In Memory Of


May, 2008

Shirley was a chihuahua whose owner was an elderly lady in Sanford. After the lady passed away, the lady's daughter had a hard time finding Shirley, since she was so tiny and was hiding in the corner of a closet, nestled in her owner's clothing.

After the daughter brought Shirley here, she took to Florence right away, and the daughter said her mother looked a lot like Florence.

She was a little shy, but she loved to be held.

Shirley lived to be very old. She had no teeth, but was otherwise in good health. One day she went thru the doggy door in the PeeWee room to sun herself on the enclosed wood deck outside. Unbeknownst to anyone, a pygmy rattlesnake had gotten into the enclosure, and Shirley was bitten. She fought for several days and seemed to be doing better, but she finally passed away.

Shirley being held by volunteer Juli's mom, Vicki