Sherlock the goat

Sherlock is a goat who came here at less than 1 year old. He is very friendly and will come right over to the fence, wanting to be petted. Unfortunately he tries to follow people and knocked the fence down too many times, so we now have to discourage petting.

Like Chuckles, Sherlock was raised as a farm project by a high school student. He eventually was going to be sold at an auction and then slaughtered, but the student decided to raise a steer instead, so she no longer wanted to keep him. Florence had been looking for a companion for Chuckles, since the sheep kept to themselves and weren't much interested in playing or interacting with him, so she offered to take in Sherlock.

Sherlock and Chuckles immediately became friends, and they often sit or sleep side by side. They sometimes butt heads playfully, but they aren't aggressive and don't hurt each other. They both love to climb, and are often on top of the picnic table structures that we put together for them.

Sherlock is a full size goat, not a miniature like Chuckles, and he is now quite a bit larger. He is very strong, and has pinned people against the fence or in a corner. He likes to hog attention from people, and Chuckles now tends to stay back a little.

Sherlock comes to the fence

Sherlock climbing on the barrel

Sherlock on top of the tower

Sherlock and Chuckles

Sherlock and Chuckles

Sherlock out of his pen

Sherlock out of his pen again, after knocking the fence down

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