In Memory Of


August, 2015

Sapphire, Dolly, and Happy came from the same property as Spanky. Their owner was a retired lawyer who lived near Journey's End on 10 acres of land. She was somewhat eccentric and lived in a van. The property was overgrown with vegetation and had quite a few rusting cars.

After the lady was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver, Journey's End volunteers were asked to try to get her 5 dogs. It was easy to catch Spanky, and another one, a golden retriever, was trapped and placed into a home. But Dolly, Happy, and Sapphire had become wild and weren't easy to catch. They wouldn't go into the trap, so for many months volunteers brought them food and water every night and continued trying to trap them. Finally, in one afternoon, all three of them were trapped and brought to Journey's End.

The 3 dogs stayed close together for several days, and preferred to stay indoors at first. Dolly and Sapphire adapted well, and were active and friendly and soon lost their wildness. Happy remained very shy and was sometimes bullied by the other dogs. For awhile Florence kept her in a room by herself, but she seemed depressed and did not have a good quality of life by herself, so she was placed in a permanent foster home.