In Memory Of


May, 2012

Sampson was a large yellow Lab who was taken in by a Lab rescue group. He was then fostered by a lady who also had a shar-pei. The shar-pei attacked Sampson twice, and she decided she couldn't keep him.

Sampson was around 12 years old at the time, and had arthritis and bony growths on his paws. The rescue group no longer considered him adoptable, and he would have been put down if he had been returned to them. So the lady who was caring for him called Florence and arranged for him to come to Journey's End.

Sampson had surgery to remove the large bony growth on his left front paw, and he did well afterwards. He was friendly and easygoing, and lived in the front room. He had a loud bark and was often the first to sound the alarm when visitors arrived.

He lived over 2 years with us, but he moved very slowly as he got older, no doubt due to his arthritis. He didn't like to move for any reason once he laid down, so people and other dogs just had to walk around him. He received laser treatments and stem cell therapy for his arthritis. Eventually the arthritis caused him so much pain and weakness that he couldn't stand up, despite just having had a laser treatment, so he had to be put down.

Sampson and Houdini