Sammy sitting on a countertop in the Cat House

Sammy was found outdoors with a broken right hind leg and dropped off at an all-night emergency animal hospital by a good Samaritan. When one of the vets came in the next morning, he was told there was a kitten who needed to be put down. He examined her and realized he could save her. He surgically repaired her leg, using a plate to help stabilize it. He arranged for her to have a home at Journey's End. She was around 1 year old, and was otherwise in good health.

Sammy had to live in a cage for awhile in the Cat House, until her leg healed. Soon she was anxious to get out of the cage, and we let her out among the other cats. She is a little tense around the other cats, and she growls if any of them get too close to her. She is very sweet and affectionate with people.

Her leg seems to have healed well, and she has no trouble jumping on cabinets and getting around. She now lives part-time with our staff member Dale.

When Sammy arrived, the vets told us she had already been spayed, and they made a note of that in her paperwork. However, one day Dale couldn't find her anywhere, and the next day he found her behind his refrigerator with a newborn kitten that she just had. (She must have gotten pregnant when she slipped outside and stayed out for several days before we could get her back inside.) We named the kitten Surprise.

Sammy on the edge of the counter

Sammy lying in the cat bed

Sammy on the back patio of the Cat House

Sammy explores the Cat House patio on her first day outside her cage

Sammy recovering in her cage after surgery

Sammy shortly after she arrived, still recovering from a broken leg

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