Rosie is a black chihuahua mix, around 2 years old when she arrived. She and Pumpkin and Missy used to be owned by a collector, the same lady who used to have Petey.

Animal Control was about to confiscate Pumpkin, Missy, and Rosie, but instead they were able to come here to live. Rosie now lives in the PeeWee room with the other small dogs.

Rosie was very shy and nervous for years, and she would bark incessantly at visitors, including people she knew. She would usually run and hide if they approached her, barking the whole time. She eventually calmed down quite a bit and now seems totally at ease, and she'll often approach people for attention and petting.

Rosie recently had a growth removed from the skin near her tail. It turned out to be cancerous, but as far as the vets can tell, they were able to remove all of it.

Rosie arriving at Journey's End

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