In Memory Of


January, 2015


R.K. was affectionately named for the roadkill that he almost was when he was found. Our volunteer Linda, who is well-known as a cat person, got a call at the school where she works about an injured cat who had been hit by a car. When she went to him, he was unconscious, and at first she feared he might even be dead. It was pouring rain, and he was soaked to the skin.

Linda got him to a vet, and then arranged for him to come to Journey's End. Luckily he recovered quickly and had no permanent injuries.

R.K. was one of the few cats at Journey's End who was allowed to go outside. He was friendly and outgoing, and often could be found on the front patio or in the yard, where he'd gladly greet visitors. In his younger days, he would often hang out in the parking lot, but as he got older, he tended to stay closer to the house. He was very easy going and self-confident, and could fall asleep anywhere. He lived a good, long life, but eventually had to be put down due to what the vets suspected was cancer.

R.K. in a visitor's car

R.K. checks out a visitor's car

R.K. asleep on the front patio

R.K. sound asleep on the front patio