In Memory Of


May, 2014

River was a gorgeous medium-hair black kitty. She was very friendly and loved to hang out by the shed where she could greet visitors. She was one of the few cats who had outdoor privileges, and we could trust her to always come in at night.

River was found as a young cat walking on the handrail on a bridge over the nearby St. John's River. A kind person picked her up and drove around to see if they could find her owner. Some of the local people said she didn't live in the neighborhood, but that cats are sometimes abandoned there and some have even been thrown off the bridge. We don't know if that was the intended fate for River, but we're forever grateful she was rescued and brought to Journey's End.

Almost anyone who visited Journey's End met River, either in the parking lot, in the driveway, or on the front patio. If you sat in one of the chairs outside, she would almost always find her way into your lap. A wedding was once performed at Journey's End, and River is in many of the wedding photos, weaving among people's legs and sitting in their laps.

River eventually developed a tumor under her chin. At her last vet visit, the tumor had shrunk, but the vet said the cancer may be spreading. We were planning to have her put down if she showed any signs of discomfort, but within a few days she passed away.