Ringo lying on a cat tower

Ringo and his brothers John, Paul, and George were found abandoned in a parking lot. They were in a pet carrier with no food or water, but fortunately they were found after a few hours, and all were in good health. They were around 8 weeks old.

They lived in a cage together until they had their vaccinations and were neutered, but they were taken out frequently to be petted and held and to get some exercise running around the Cat House. They were tame and affectionate and enjoyed being held. They loved playing, especially with feathers that we gathered outside from our chickens and roosters.

They have mellowed out a little as they have matured, but they are still energetic and playful.

Ringo is easy to recognize because of the orange rings on his tail.

Ringo stretched out on his back on a round cat bed

Ringo and George in their cage shortly after they arrived

Ringo (right) and George in their cage, shortly after they arrived

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