In Memory Of


March, 2014

Remy on a cat tower on the front porch of the Cat House

Remy was an enormous long-haired cat, probably the largest cat at Journey's End. He was rescued by a longtime Journey's End volunteer, who found him living under a mobile home in the community where she lived. She already had as many cats as allowed, and the neighbors were threatening to report her if she took in any more, so she arranged for him to come here. He was a young adult when he arrived. It was just a coincidence that he looked a lot like our other Remy, as they both were named before arriving here.

Remy was very good-natured, and he loved being petted and groomed. His thick fur often got tangled, so he needed frequent brushing. He loved to be out on the back patio of the Cat House, and would often lie in the sun even on a hot day.

Remy lived his last months in foster care, as he needed frequent grooming, a special diet, and treatment for his arthritis. He adapted immediately to his foster home and seemed to be very happy. He eventually started to get thin, and he couldn't keep on weight despite diet changes and supplements, and he soon passed away.

Remy lying on the back patio in the shade