Remy lying in a cat bed

Remy came to Journey's End along with Marni, Kitty Boy, and Purrzy. They belonged to a lady in South Florida who developed Alzheimer's and could no longer care for them. She had 14 cats total, but she didn't notice when her daughter brought these 4 to Journey's End.

Remy is a domestic long hair, around 6 years old when he arrived. He was Marni's brother, and they were very close until Marni passed away. Like Marni, Remy was very shy when he first arrived, but now he he is very affectionate towards people and other cats. He likes to rub up against the other cats, who sometimes take offense, and he gives love bites when petted. He doesn't use the litter box, but prefers the newspaper next to it. He loves to be groomed and petted.

Remy sitting on the windowsill

Remy looking out the window

Remy sitting on the bed next to his sister Marni

Remy and his sister Marni

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