In Memory Of


March, 2013

Raven was born with the same deformity as Scooter, and was unable to use her hind legs. She was taken to a veterinarian to be put down as a young adult, but the vet's daughter arranged for her to come here instead. She lived in the Cat House.

When Raven was still young, she had a bad seizure and convulsions. We rushed her to the emergency clinic, but they didn't find the exact cause, and as far as we know it never happened again. The vets told us that sometimes when an animal has a major handicap, there may be other internal abnormalities as well.

Raven got around quite well by scooting along the floor. She was very friendly and affectionate, and would approach visitors for attention. She was unable to climb into a litter box, so she needed frequent baths and changes of bedding, but she more than repaid us for the special care she needed.

One day we found Raven ill, so we took her to the vet. They gave her fluids and other treatments, and since her blood tests were okay, they let us take her home. But she never fully woke up from being sedated, and by the next day the vet said she was in the process of dying, so she was put down to avoid any suffering.

Raven's Poem
by Florence Thuot

Raven's eyes sparkle
like the early morning sun.
She moves like a rocket —
doesn't know that she can't run.

She likes to hide in boxes
and guard her dinner bowl.
We never know where to find her;
she's always on a roll!

Her legs move like a slinky;
her personality is bold.
Her coat is just pure velvet,
and her heart is just pure gold.

(from the December, 2007 newsletter)