Ralphie standing in the driveway

Ralphie is a Jack Russell terrier mix who was born with crooked front legs. When he was around 5 years old, he also injured his spine, apparently from falling down some stairs. For awhile he couldn't use his hind legs, and he became incontinent. He sometimes got around by hopping and sometimes he used a custom wheelchair.

Ralphie's owner was a college student, and she left him with her parents while she was away at school. He spent a lot of time in a cage or crate. The parents decided to have him put down and were about to take him to the vet, but his owner intervened and arranged for him to come to Journey's End.

Over time, Ralphie has almost entirely regained use of his hind legs, although he still hops a little when he runs. He can now run almost as fast as Opie. He doesn't need a wheelchair anymore, and his incontinence is almost gone.

Ralphie is very sweet, friendly, and energetic. He loves meeting people and eagerly approaches visitors for attention. He is very playful and gets along well with the other dogs.

Ralphie is featured in our August, 2016 newsletter.

Ralphie standing on the tile floor, with Skippy napping behind him

Ralphie exchanges kisses with a visitor

Ralphie exchanges kisses with a visitor

Ralphie on the grass

Ralphie in his custom wheelchair

Ralphie in his custom wheelchair, before coming to Journey's End

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