In Memory Of


June, 2010

Purrzy came to Journey's End along with Kitty Boy, Marni, and Remy. They belonged to a lady in South Florida who developed Alzheimer's and could no longer care for them. She had 14 cats total, but she didn't notice when her daughter brought these 4 to Journey's End. Purrzy was apparently her favorite of all her cats.

Purrzy was around 12 years old when he arrived, and lived to be around 14. He was always an indoor cat. He lived up to his name by purring loudly when happy. He was very friendly, and meowed constantly to get attention and be petted. He was partially deaf, so he talked very loudly. He was a good jumper and could usually be found on top of bookcases and shelves.

Purrzy and his look-alike, Papa