Punkin on top of the cat tower

Punkin was found by Journey's End staff member Amy. He was walking around the parking lot of a gas station in Orange City where she stopped on her way to work one morning. We assume he had been abandoned there. He was around 4 - 6 weeks old when found.

We had taken in Whoopi a couple of weeks earlier, and since she was our only kitten at the time, she was living in a cage by herself. After Punkin had been checked over by a vet, we put him in the same cage with her, and they bonded immediately. They slept, ate, and played together. They especially liked playing with feathers (which we have plenty of from our roosters), and would play with them until they were shredded.

Punkin is a little rowdier than Whoopi, possibly because of her leg injury. He runs around and jumps and climbs more. He and our other new kitten Onyx often chase each other and wrestle. At first we had to keep Punkin in the cage except for play-time, since he was tiny enough to slip thru the chain link fence on the back patio, or to get his head stuck. Now he's only in the cage at night and for meals.

Punkin climbing a tree on the back patio

Punkin climbing a tree branch on the back patio of the Cat House

Punkin wrestling with our other kitten Onyx

Punkin wrestling with our other kitten Onyx

Punkin watching thru the fence on the back patio

Punkin watches something in the horse pasture, about a week and a half after he arrived

Punkin on his cat bed a couple of days after he arrived

Punkin a couple of days after he arrived

Punkin playing with a visitor's hand

Punkin playing with a young visitor's hand

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