Priscilla is a pot belly pig, like Piglet and Pocahontas. She is the largest of the three, and weighs around 400 pounds. They all get along very well, and share the same shelter and pen. Priscilla is probably around 1 year older than Piglet, and around 4 years older than Pocahontas.

Priscilla used to live with her family in nearby DeLeon Springs, but they had to sell their house and couldn't take her with them, so she found a home here. They used to have another pig also, but the other pig was bitten by a rattlesnake and died. Priscilla needed her nails clipped when she arrived, and could stand to lose some weight, but otherwise was in good health. She was around 5 years old when she arrived.

At first we were concerned that she might be depressed since she seems to sleep a lot, but we realized the other pigs sleep about as much.

In her past life, Priscilla used to love marshmallows as treats, but the vets told us to avoid giving her anything sweet and instead feed her and the other pigs a lot of greens. We even had to cut back on fruit, since pigs put on weight so easily.

Priscilla being coaxed from the trailer when she arrived

Priscilla and Piglet meet for the first time

It was hard for her family to part with her

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