Prince sitting on the floor, looking up

Prince came here as a young cat, around 8 months old. He has "wobbles" disease (cerebellar hypoplasia), similar to Iris and Oreo, which causes him to be uncoordinated and to stumble when he tries to walk. He was found as a stray in the Orlando area, but the man who found him soon moved to Texas and left him behind with his girlfriend, who was unable to keep him. When he was found, his fur was matted and filthy, so he had to be mostly shaved before coming to Journey's End.

Prince is still a little wild, although he's much calmer than he was when he arrived. Sometimes he allows petting and will even rub against people's legs to get attention, but his mood may change quickly and he may start swatting or hissing. He sometimes approaches the other cats and fights with them for no apparent reason, and sometimes he'll just swat at the air, as if fighting an imaginary enemy.

Prince doesn't like being groomed and will struggle violently, so only our professional groomer is able to groom him. His long fur gets matted easily, so he sometimes has to be partly shaved.

Prince is featured in our August, 2016 newsletter.

Prince sitting on the floor looking sideways

Prince lying on a blanket

Prince after getting most of his fur cut short

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