In Memory Of


April, 2016

Prince used to belong to an elderly man who had 12 cats. He took good care of them, and they were all up to date on their vaccinations. He had 12 litter boxes for them.

The man became ill and had to go into a nursing home for awhile. When he got back home, he wanted to keep all 12 cats, but he soon fell out of bed and couldn't get up, and he realized he wouldn't be able to continue caring for them all. He called animal control and asked them to bring 3 of the cats to us. We took in Prince, Molly, and Lisa.

Prince was middle-aged or older when he arrived. He was friendly if you approached him, but he always seemed to stay in one spot, as if he were a little depressed. Our resident staff member Dale took him to live with him, and Prince seemed much happier. He was very affectionate toward Dale and slept on his pillow.

Prince lived with Dale for almost 3 years. He eventually became very thin and passed away, although he was eating and drinking until the end.