In Memory Of


September, 2016

Precious on a cat tower on the front porch

Precious was a tortoise shell cat who came to us as a kitten. She was thrown from a moving car in Hollywood in South Florida, and she sustained nerve damage to her right front leg. She was taken in by a rescue group who gave her the name Precious, and they brought her to us. She was around 10 or 12 weeks old when she arrived.

When Precious first came here, the vets thought her leg might heal to the point that it could be saved, but soon it had to be amputated. They said this was best for her because otherwise the leg would be likely to get injured or infected since she had no feeling in it, and it would also interfere with her balance.

Precious lived in the Cat House, and she got around very well on 3 legs. She liked to explore and was seldom in one place very long. She loved chasing feathers and other toys. She was very affectionate and liked to be held and petted.

Precious sitting on a paper bag

Precious under the cat tower

Precious recovering from surgery

Precious as a kitten, recovering from surgery

Precious shortly after she arrived

Precious shortly after she arrived, with nerve damage to her leg