Pops the Shar Pei/pit bull mix

Pops is a Shar Pei/pit bull mix. A man saw him get thrown out of a car window, and he took him to a shelter. A rescue group took him in from the shelter and tried to find a home for him, but after Pops was at the rescue for almost 8 months, the rescue closed. Pops was left at a trainer's home, where volunteers helped pay his expenses for another 6 months or so. They had no luck finding a home or another rescue for him and had run out of funds, so they found a home for Pops at Journey's End.

Pops was around 10 years old when he arrived. He is almost blind and deaf, and he is missing most of his teeth.

Despite his advanced age for his breed, he has the playfulness of a puppy. He loves squeaky toys and chew toys, and playing tug-o-war, which he always wins. He enjoys belly rubs and he makes a cute noise when you rub his belly. He loves attention, and whimpers if you pay attention to another animal without including him. He charms everyone he meets.

Pops lives in the back kitchen with Dede and Mickey the cat. He loves wandering around the yard, although we often have to walk him on a leash so he doesn't fall into the pool due to his poor vision.

Pops tells his story in our June, 2015 newsletter.

Pops chewing his stuff bone toy

Pops gnawing on his stuffed bone toy

Pops playing tug-o-war

Pops puts all his strength into tug-o-war, and he will NOT let go of the toy

Pops playing with his squeaky toy

Pops with his squeaky football toy

A volunteer with Pops and Molly

A volunteer with Pops and Molly

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