In Memory Of


February, 2014

PigLou was brought to us by Dr. Teri, one of the veterinarians who sometimes works with Journey's End animals. Her nephew wanted to raise a pig for the county fair, but PigLou was a pot-bellied pig and wasn't really "edible", so he decided not to keep her.

PigLou originally came from Dr. Teri's cousin's farm, and was born in a thunderstorm. Dr. Teri raised her from the time she was 8 or 10 weeks old, and kept her in her backyard. She was very shy at first, but Dr. Teri petted her while she was eating in order to tame her.

After Petunia passed away, Florence missed having a pig, and offered to take her in. Dr. Teri felt that Journey's End would be "the best place ever" for PigLou, especially since pigs of her kind can live to be 17 - 23 years old, and living in a suburban backyard wasn't a great life for her.

PigLou eventually grew to be very large and weighed around 300-400 pounds.

When Piglet arrived, we weren't sure if they would get along, but they soon became friends. When volunteers had to catch Piglet to take her to be spayed, PigLou tried to bulldoze the people away so they couldn't get near Piglet. After Piglet returned, PigLou sniffed and touched her scar and made grunting noises, then laid down very slowly and carefully beside her.

PigLou also got along well with the newest pig, Priscilla, and all 3 could often be found sleeping side-by-side in their shelter.

PigLou's home is next to the chicken coop, and the chickens and roosters often visit