Piglet was found by two men walking in the woods. They took her home, and the original plan was to raise her for food.

Their neighbors pointed out that she was a pot-bellied pig and couldn't be eaten. The men then decided to return her to the woods and turn her loose. But one of the people who heard about Piglet was a Journey's End volunteer, and she arranged with Florence for her to have a home here.

Piglet is sweet-natured and friendly. She will often come when she is called, and she wags her tail like a dog.

Piglet was much smaller than PigLou when she arrived, although she has gained some weight. They are about the same age. At first she was afraid to go into their shelter if PigLou was there, so Florence had the shelter enlarged, and a second entrance was added. But they soon became friends and now sleep in the same part of the shelter together.

PigLou (rear) and Piglet taking a nap

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