Petunia on the bed

Petunia was found on the front porch of a couple who was about to move to another state. They had 2 dogs who were aggressive towards cats, so they knew they couldn't keep her. Her right front leg was crooked and she was unable to put weight on it. The vets thought it might be broken and they X-rayed it, but it turned out that it was badly infected. She still has nerve damage in that leg (which she might have had even before the infection), but they said it wouldn't be necessary to amputate it. She also has a bob tail, which the vets said she was probably born with.

Petunia is affectionate and friendly with people, but she doesn't much care for other cats...she will growl and swat if another cat gets too close. She lives in an all-cats room in the main house.

Petunia sitting on top of a cat tower

Petunia standing on the bed

Petunia lying on top of the cat tower

Petunia lying in a cardboard box

Petunia, Thomas, and Oreo

Petunia with Thomas (center) and Oreo (far left)

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